technical performance for women

Meltedrock is designed by women for women.
Focused on using the body’s heat to help women find their edge for training and positive well-being.

the team

The team at Meltedrock are people who turn to exercise for physical and mental strength to help balance life’s demands.  We exercise to feel happy and strive for positive well-being and like to shout about it!

We love to feel the sweat we worked hard for!   Usually it’s alongside some rocking tunes to transform feeling exhausted to energized.  To feel stronger and happier to take on the day. 

understanding demands on Women

The team understand how women’s bodies change and that balancing children, work and life takes work!  We wanted to create a training partner that is intelligent to work harder for women to make the most of that precious Me time and help women find their edge to take on the day.


Meltedrock kit is designed with women’s bodies in mind, understanding how it changes through life’s journey and the need for a supportive, flexible fit.

Our kit is designed in England.  We work with best in class craftsmen to make the right fit, alongside specialized international sportswear manufacturers. The kit is a testament to understanding women’s needs and design found within industry.

Using the body’s heat was born from that glorious feeling of respecting the sweat from training. It feels good! This inspired us to provide kit that would embrace this and support achieving fitness goals.


We understand that life can often be a balance and exercising may vary from structured training & gym sessions to early runs before morning meetings.

Our team has lived in various climates and countries balancing work and family demands. We pride ourselves on turning to exercise and a good sweat to support our well-being to take on the day.

This sweat might be from a spin or gym session to hot yoga or pilates. The kit supports various activities – beach training in CA or Cornwall to urban city runs – from LA to London. It doesn’t matter where or when. Meltedrock kit is with you on your journey.


Meltedrock is a company that has the needs of women’s physical and mental health at the forefront of what we do, whilst making sure we do the right thing for the planet and people.

Our purpose is to help women find their edge, to make the most of themselves – whether the kit be used as a training partner or to feel empowered to take on the day’s demands. We provide our kit as responsibly as possible to both people and the planet.


recycle/ reuse /reduce

Instead of throwing away old pairs of Meltedrock kit you can send these back to us to recycle. We work with organisations to recycle these, finding other purposes for the kit.

Nothing will be thrown away, we will find a new home whether it be re-used or recycled for a different life.

Please reuse or recycle any packaging that arrives with Meltedrock.

Our mailing bags are recyclable.

We don’t use any more packaging than necessary.


ethical / respectful

We work with manufacturers and suppliers who are like-minded and take care of their people. They know and understand our ethical and social position.

We won’t work with organisations who use child labour or provide conditions which are unsafe.

Our aim is to create a Meltedrock community that is underpinned by feeling supported, safe and strong.

That solidarity can be for beating the fatigue of motherhood and jogging with the buggy, powering up a mountain to lasting the length of a spin class.

We are there to support each other – often exercise is not only a means to a fitter body, but for a positive mind where we can breathe.

No judgements, exclusion or negativity. Our community is a positive place.

No judgements, exclusion or negativity. Our community is a positive place.

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