the science

Escape ordinary and be extraordinary with activewear that has been scientifically tested with women in mind.

The kit is designed with women at the forefront, to help you find your edge both physically and mentally and harness that positivity to achieve your goals.

capri cutout

Comfortable non slip waistband

Harness your body’s heat without raising your core temperature

Work harder and recover quicker

Reduce risk of injuries

Designed to support your muscles

Fabric flexes with your movement

the kit was tested by a leading independent sport & fitness innovation laboratory.

We worked with a leading sports technology lab to test Meltedrock kit under controlled conditions with a sample of women. The tests were also carried out in more typical lycra leggings as a comparator. The participants were equipped with sensors enabling measurement of perspiration, temperature of skin and core and heart rate.

the leggings are designed to:

a healthy body is a healthy mind

exercising for positive mental health & wellbeing

Whilst this benefit is far from exclusive to Meltedrock, underpinning our mission are the positive benefits of exercise for our wellbeing.

So we like to shout about it whenever we can. Finding your edge is not just about physical performance, but finding that head space to take on competing demands on our increasingly busy days.

It’s a positive step to know that exercise is in your tool kit to aid managing the multiple demands on your time and changes that women step through. Whether this be from muscles strains from training, having babies and hormonal changes such as the menopause.

The Romans were the first to quote ‘a healthy body is a healthy mind.’ It seems we have come full circle.  It doesn’t have to be 3 hours training for the next marathon. It can be a 20minute spin class, yoga, pilates, brisk walk or a jog with the buggy. If it makes us feel good, then that aids us to manage life’s ups and downs.

From exhausted to energised. Find your headspace.
Find your edge with the Meltedrock tribe.